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About Us

So how did we get here? In Brookes first year of life we were coming up on Christmas and we spent the holidays in the hospital! Our second Christmas we got to finally spend it at home and we wanted to make it as special as we could for Brooke! We thought to ourselves, what do we get a child who can’t hold/play/see sit or crawl?


This seems to be a common question amongst the medically complex community and a rather depressing one filled with medical supplies. 


Dad really wanted to get Brooke something where she can be a kid, enjoy life, smile, laugh and just have fun! We googled, and searched the internet for weeks but we couldn’t find anything. So Dad had a crazy idea and wanted to get a power wheel vehicle for her, but we knew she wouldn’t be able to sit in it without support and we needed to figure something out.

Dad went to the drawing board and thought for hours, did some research and eureka! the plan for the OG car came about. He decided he was going to build one for Brooke. Much to our surprise we shared our experience on social media and it was huge hit! Everyone wanted one for there child that needed the same support as Brooke. It brought tears to our hearts knowing that there are so many kids like Brooke that are in need of something that can be adaptive to them so they can just be a kid and have fun!


From there UnbreakableBrooke was created to help many other children and families like ours and to leave a legacy in Brookes name.


Our goal is to provide a minimum of one vehicle per month each year. All donations to the UnbreakableBrooke Foundation, will go towards allocation of the foundation to sponsor at least 1 family per month with adaptive modified power wheel cars as part of the Unbreakablebrooke Little Hero’s Power Mobility Program. Unbreakablebrooke holds multiple events throughout the year to help support as many kids with with different abilities the chance to move freely and enjoy life!


The UnBreakableBrooke Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit. The specific purpose of the Corporation is to provide awareness and support of families and/or individuals who are affected or are medically complex in providing innovative solutions and assist in the implementation of adaptive resources to improve quality of life.

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